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You’ve been thinking about losing weight for weeks, especially when you’re standing in front of a mirror. The big question is – when? With the holidays fast approaching with family dinners and those fantastic holiday dishes, trying to lose weight just got harder until the New Year. Now the question is – can you afford to wait till January to lose weight?

At Total Body of Atlanta, we are in the business of helping patients lose weight now. There are plenty of ways to start a weight loss regimen and still enjoy the holiday festivities. It’s always a great idea to start with healthy habits. If you’re looking for a boost in your efforts, our office is here to help you over a slump and rejuvenate your weight loss efforts with effective weight reduction tools. Here are some suggestions for meeting your body goals:

Stock the Pantry with Healthy Choices

Part of the battle with losing weight is not how much we eat, but more importantly what we eat. With nutritious foods readily available, it’s easier to include them into your daily diet. Raw vegetables, nuts, cut-up fruit, and low-fat yogurt make good choices for snacks between meals. It is also important to get rid of the unhealthy choices that may be tempting. Remove the chips and candy to make room for more nutritious options.

Smaller Meals – But More of Them

A great trick to ease your hunger pains is to eat smaller meals more frequently. You can accomplish this feat by packing about three or four small meals to eat periodically during the day. This will keep your metabolism working all day, and you won’t feel deprived. Good foods to include are nuts, raw vegetable, dark chocolate, and protein (like beef jerky).

Avoid high sugar foods and carbs to maintain optimal blood sugar levels and to keep from experiencing those energy drops during the day. If you’re looking for tips on meals and what to eat, our office provides nutritional guidance and support.

Lace ‘Em Up

We’re not asking you to run a marathon every day or even two miles, but we ask you to do something! Walk around your office complex or find a park close to work. Get out of the habit of staying stationary all day and move around. Try to get your heart rate elevated a few times a day by walking with a neighbor, a co-worker, or your dog (they need exercise too).

For the more serious, join an exercise group like a boot camp or friends who go to the gym. Whatever you do, make it routine.

Weight Loss Efforts Stalled? Visit Total Body for a Boost

Serious people get serious when they want to accomplish goals. If you are struggling to get the weight off or the inches reduced, you may need some medical help. At Total Bod, we offer multiple weight-loss programs to get your weight off and keep it off. These programs include effective ways to reinvigorate weight loss, including vitamin B-12 shots, Lipovite, and meal replacement programs.

Patients particularly love our HCG weight loss treatments. This naturally occurring hormone helps to reduce hunger, so patients can fight food cravings, which can be at an all-time high around the holidays, with all the sweets and fatty foods being passed around. Treatment can also improve hormone balance which aids in weight loss efforts. HCG, in combination with a sensible diet, can help to jumpstart weight loss and keep you on track. HCG injections are the most effective way to benefit from this therapy. While HCG drops may have been popular a few years ago, Dr. Watkins offers only the most dependable ways of achieving results with recommended weight loss regimens. Your HCG program and diet recommendations are designed based on 23 or 40-day plans.

Dr. Watkins’ tools for weight loss can be the difference maker in meeting your goals for 2019 or letting the holidays derail your plans to achieve a new you in the new year. In addition to Lipovite, Dr. Watkins recommends HCG injections, nutritional guidance, and even liposuction to spot-reduce problem areas that no other healthy and activity routine has been able to reduce.

To learn more about how you can start losing weight today, schedule a complimentary consultation today. Call us at 770.907.0603!

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