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Boost your metabolism, increase energy, and decrease food cravings with vitamin B-12 injections. At Total Body we offer B-12 injections to help our patients achieve their ideal weight and stay there. Although they are beloved for their weight loss benefits, many of our patients also enjoy the other benefits these powerful injections provide. Could vitamin B-12 injections help you? Keep reading to learn more and then call our offices to schedule an appointment. We’ll create a custom weight loss plan that is right for you.

What Can Vitamin B-12 Injections Do for Me?

Vitamin B-12 is a natural and necessary nutrient for your body. We offer vitamin B-12 injections, a prescription only treatment that uses a potent and highly pure form of this vitamin. B-12 injections can offer many benefits including:

  • Weight Loss- A valuable part of our medical weight loss program, B-12 injections have helped many patients to lose weight and maintain it.
  • Increase Body’s Ability to Deal with Stress- By increasing nutrient stores, B-12 injections can help the body to better deal with stress, fatigue, and other issues associated with hectic lives.
  • Improvement in Medical Conditions- If you have diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, anemia, allergies, digestive issues, or other medical conditions, B-12 injections may help by boosting your nutrient levels of this essential vitamin.
  • Increase Energy- Many B-12 patients report higher energy levels.
  • Decrease Food Cravings- Losing weight is hard, but B-12 injections may help by reducing food cravings so you can stick to your healthy diet.
  • Increase Overall Wellness- When you feel better it is easier to lose weight. B-12 injections can boost your overall wellness.
  • Boost Metabolism- Increase your body’s ability to burn fat by boosting your metabolism.

Are B-12 Injections Right for Me?

If you’re interested in vitamin B-12 injections, call us and learn more. We offer these injections as part of our medical weight loss programs. When you choose us for Rx weight loss you can be certain that you’ll receive customized care and advice to help you finally achieve your weight loss goal. For many patients B-12 injections are a key to accomplishing their ideal weight. If B-12 injections aren’t the right fit for your weight loss plan, we’ll offer other recommendations so you can achieve your goals.

Are B-12 Injections Painful? Will I Need to Miss Work?

Most patients report that B-12 injections are not especially painful. Many experience little to no pain. After treatment you can resume your regular activities immediately. Go back to work, hit the gym… it’s up to you. Vitamin B-12 injections are safe, one of the safest treatments available.

Could vitamin B-12 help you? Call us and find out.

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