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Admit it. Hearing the words, “You look tired,” is not very welcome. Even though these words are expressed by way of conveying their concern for you, being told, “You look exhausted!” repetitively is bothersome.

Well, you are not alone. Thousands of men and women have the same issues of having a perpetual tired facial expression. Even if you sleep eight hours every day, there are still other reasons that cause you to look exhausted, even if you’re not. For instance, dark circles due to genetics; deep creases and wrinkles due to extreme sun exposure; and poor nutrition. Correcting the latter is quite easy, as you only have to change your diet. The former two, however, is a different matter.

It’s quite a challenge to reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles and wrinkles, but it’s not impossible. There are now various ways to rejuvenate a tired looking face, even without surgery. One of the most popularly requested treatments to date is Botox®.

Botox® At a Glance

In summary, Botox® is an injectable treatment made from a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin. While it’s designed primarily as an anti-aging treatment, its use is not limited to that. Botox® can also work as treatment to rejuvenate a tired-looking face.

How Can Botox® Help?

In the case of revitalizing a tired-looking face, here is how Botox® injections can help:

  • Minimize sallowness under the eyes

That pallor shade under your eyes is one cause of making you look extremely exhausted. As there are no eye creams that eliminate sallowness, one option is to try an injectable filler, like Botox®. The injection doesn’t really remove the dark circles, but it can make the dark circles appear lighter and more reflective.

  • Relaxes the muscles

The eyebrows don’t really “sag,” but are pulled down by the muscles surrounding the upper part of the eyes. This leads to contractions and even more creases. Botox® helps by relaxing the muscles so your eyes can look more open and awake.

  • Removes deep furrows

Once injected, Botox® will block the nerve transmissions in order to prevent the targeted muscles from contracting. This results to a temporary tightening of the skin, making the deep creases between your eyebrows disappear. This will also eliminate sagginess in the face, making you look more awake and energized.

Now that you know there’s a way to eliminate a tired facial appearance, don’t suffer through the constant “You look tired” remark. To learn more about Botox®, and how it can help rejuvenate your face, consult with Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins at Total Body today.

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