Is Juvederm the Secret to Youthful Looking Lips?

Lips start off youthful and full, but as you get older, your lips will get thinner. This holds true for everyone, those with small, subtle lips and those with naturally big, pouty ones. For thinning lips, or for increasing natural lip size, a dermal filler called Juvederm can be highly effective. Perfect your pucker at […]

How Juvederm Can Take Years Off Your Appearance without a Single Incision

It happens to all of us. With age, we all experience facial lines and wrinkles. This reality does not bode well for aging gracefully, and without help, we will be at the mercy of sagging skin, folds, and wrinkles. But thankfully there is a solution to be found. Total Body of Atlanta specializes in providing […]

Anti-Aging: What Can I Do to Look Younger Without Looking “Done”?

Got wrinkles? As you get older, one thing becomes inevitable… aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots start to appear. If you want to look younger, but don’t want invasive plastic surgery, we have options for you. We can help you turn back the clock without looking “done”. Which treatment is right for you? It […]