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We love the holidays, but it isn’t all tinsel and garlands. For many patients, the holidays are a time of added pounds and frustration. If you’re trying to stay at a healthy weight this holiday season, we can help. Come into Total Body and ask about your options. Save room on your New Year’s resolution list for something fun… this year you won’t have to drop those holiday pounds.

How Can I Stay at a Healthy Weight this Holiday Season?

We know it can be difficult to avoid holiday weight gain. With holiday parties, cookie plates, and celebration meals, those extra pounds can pack on. Plus in the chaos of the season, you may find yourself skipping the gym too often. You can enjoy a fun and festive holiday season without gaining weight. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

  • Have a Plan- Holiday pounds tend to sneak on, so if you start the holiday season with a plan you’re more likely to succeed. Think of strategies to maintain your good health habits. Schedule time for exercise. Plan healthy meals. Set goals for moderation at holiday parties.
  • Get Some Help- Keeping the weight off during the holidays is difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our Rx weight loss programs are custom-designed to help you lose or maintain your weight. We can offer a customized treatment plan and the right tools to keep your weight off.
  • Consider Vitamin B-12 Injections- Many of our patients benefit from vitamin B-12 These prescription-only injections can increase energy, boost metabolism, and reduce food cravings, all of which can be a big help during the holiday season. These injections are safe and effective. Ask us it they are right for you.
  • Take Your Vitamins- Another great option for fighting holiday weight gain (and possibly even promoting some holiday weight loss) is Lipovite. This powerful combination of vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids helps many patients to lose 2-3 pounds per week. Lipovite is administered via injection and is the secret ingredient to many of our weight loss plans.
  • Take Time for Yourself- We know the holidays are busy, but one of the best things you can do to avoid holiday weight gain is to take care of yourself. Don’t overschedule. Make sure you have the time you need to eat right, exercise, and get the weight loss help you need. We’ll do our best to ensure that your appointments with us are as prompt as possible… we know you’re busy.

For many, the holidays are a time of weight gain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Call us today and get the help you need to stay at a healthy weight this year.

Happy Holidays!

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