One of the options we offer as part of our weight loss program is Lipovite. This cutting-edge technology consists of enzyme, amino acid, and vitamin injections to raise your metabolic rate and improve the function of the liver. Most of our Johns Creek and Atlanta lipovite patients receive one injection per week to meet their weight loss goals.

The substances in Lipovite include Choline for improved liver function, Inositol to help your body metabolize fats and reduce appetite, amino acid Methionine to prevent fat cells from accumulating, and Vitamin B6 and B Complex to assist the body in excreting fat and excess water. The vitamins also give you more energy!

Lipovite Defined

Essentially, lipotropic substances homogenize or liquefy bodily fat. The primary functions of Lipovite injections are increasing the liver’s production of lecithin to decrease gallstone formation, lessen cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels, and solubilizing cholesterol.  They also prevent fat accumulation in the liver which can cause it to function sluggishly.

Lipovite injections detoxify amine for patients on high protein diets. They also increase disease resistance, bolster the thymus gland to produce antibodies, and carry out anti-disease functions. Lipovite will also stimulate phagocyte growth to attack and devour invading microbes and viruses.

Important Individual Lipotropic Functions

Lipovite injections provide individual lipotropic including:


Choline metabolizes fat. A Choline deficiency may lead to fatty degeneration and cirrhosis of the liver or arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Today, medical treatments use choline for memory issues, senility, glaucoma, Muscular dystrophy, diabetes and gallbladder problems. It also detoxifies amines which are protein metabolism by-products.


Inositol deficiencies may lead to hair loss. This lipotropic uses vitamin E in the treatment of muscle and nerve disorders like Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis. Excessive caffeine may cause a depletion of inositol.


This works with Choline to detoxify amines from protein metabolism. It is a choline and inositol catalyst boosting their functions to protect the kidneys and reduce liver fat.

Lipotropic Application in Johns Creek and Atlanta

Lipovite is prescribed as periodic injections to mobilize and break down fat. The solution includes Vitamin B6 for water weight reduction and vitamin B12 for energy increases.

At Total Body, no procedure is “cookie cutter.” Our board-certified physician designs your prescription weight loss program based on an evaluation of your needs. The goal is not only to reach your ideal weight in a way that is medically sound but to stay there without rebound weight gain.

Lipovite Injection FAQs

What can Lipovite do for me?

Along with our customized, comprehensive weight loss program, Lipovite can help you lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

Do Lipovite injections hurt?

Most patients experience minimal to no discomfort from Lipovite treatments.

How long does it take to recover from Lipovite?

There is no recovery period required after Lipovite treatments.

How long do Lipovite results last?

The fat loss from Lipovite is significant, but you can regain weight and fat without a committed to wellness and a health regimen. Our weight loss programs are geared toward helping you lose the weight as quickly as possible and then keep it off.

Is Lipovite safe?

Yes! Lipovite consists of enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins that are already present in your body. The injections replenish these substances to help your body function optimally.

How do I know if I would benefit from Lipovite?

All of our prescription weight loss programs are customized individually for your body and your needs. After a consultation and examination, we can determine if Lipovite would be a beneficial part of your overall weight loss plan. Methionine contains sulfur, so please let us know if you are allergic to it.