Xeomin works similarly to Botox, but it has unique properties that make it a better choice for some patients. Xeomin was designed specifically to target deep creases between the brows, rather than being a general treatment for all dynamic wrinkles.

This product contains a pure, active neuromodulator; it doesn’t contain any additives. Xeomin requires more time than Botox or Dysport to take effect (three to four days on average, as compared to just one to three days), but it’s believed to be more potent due to its purity.

Xeomin might be right for you if you have stubborn frown lines that have not responded optimally to Botox. Xeomin is also typically a good choice for patients who have become resistant to the effects of Botox after years of repeated injections. Some researchers believe that people are less likely to develop resistance to the effects of Xeomin because it doesn’t contain any additives.