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You don’t need invasive surgery to look and feel your best. At Total Body, we’ve built our practice on providing non-surgical and less invasive cosmetic treatments and medically supervised weight loss to our patients. One of our most popular options for facial rejuvenation is our liquid lift. Call us to learn more about this treatment or to schedule your visit to our College Park or Duluth, GA locations.

Is a Liquid Lift Right for Me?

Your face defines you. It is the first thing people see when they look at you. It gazes back at you from the mirror as you apply makeup or style your hair. Whatever the season or the weather, your face is there, greeting the world with a smile. Because of its constant exposure to the elements, the face is one of the first areas where noticeable aging occurs. To help our patients restore youthful confidence, we offer a non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment called a liquid lift.

A liquid lift uses injectables to treat common facial aging concerns. We can lift, smooth, and enhance the face from brow to chin using this innovative combination of treatments. Our liquid lift best serves patients that want to:

  • Reduce or eliminate facial lines, creases, and wrinkles
  • Restore facial volume, especially age-related volume loss in the mid-cheek area
  • Tighten and lift sagging facial skin
  • Reduce jowls and improve facial contours
  • Fill in and smooth hollows

A liquid lift does all this and more while allowing patients to avoid surgery and extended downtimes. The entire treatment is injected, using a combination of injectables like Botox and Juvederm. You’ll love the changes you see in your facial appearance.

The Liquid Lift Treatment in Atlanta, GA- What to Expect from a Liquid Lift at Total Body

We perform our liquid lift procedure at both of our facilities, one located in Duluth and the other in College Park. We proudly serve the entire Atlanta, GA area and look forward to helping you rejuvenate your face. For a liquid lift, plan on spending about an hour with us for your treatment, although times may be longer or shorter, depending on the areas treated and the extent of your facial aging.

We use a combination of fillers and other injectable treatments to rejuvenate the facial area. You’ll receive many injections throughout the procedure. We use a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort, and the Juvederm formulation also includes lidocaine for numbing. Most patients report little to no discomfort during the treatment itself.

Patients are free to return to their daily activities as soon as they are ready. Some like to rest for a few hours after treatment; others head right back to work. Bruising, swelling, and redness are common and should be expected. Makeup is often used to hide any swelling or discoloration during healing.

Perfect Complements to Your Liquid Lift

Our liquid lift combines two of our most popular injectable treatments: Botox and fillers. Many patients receive this treatment alone. It can also be paired with some of our other rejuvenating treatments. Popular accompaniments include:

  • Silk Peel- Our liquid lift smooths, lifts, and tightens skin, but to improve the skin’s appearance, you’ll need our Silk Peel. This peel is ideal for patients with hyperpigmentation, roughness, and acne scars. Patients love that the Silk Peel enhances the skin without long-term redness or irritation.
  • Venus Freeze- Tighten your skin with a treatment from our Venus Freeze radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic field device. This treatment works deep within the skin to tighten, tone, firm up skin.

Skip the facelift and come to Total Body in Atlanta, GA instead. We can smooth and restore beautiful skin without the need for surgery or extended downtime. Call one of our conveniently located offices to learn more or schedule a liquid facelift treatment.


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