No Time to Exercise? Our HCG Program Might Be for You

Losing weight is simple – right? Just burn more calories than you consume. So, if you eat 1800 calories today, burning 1900 calories will ensure some weight loss. Yes – it seems simple when you apply easy math, but when you calculate a lifestyle that juggles hours spent with career, parenting, and a sliver of recreation, then the numbers often show a deficit of calories burned and a surplus of calories consumed. This surplus leads to weight gain and abnormal fat in all the wrong places.

Yes, we can try to eat right, and we should. But when rushing between the office and afternoon soccer games, eating a healthy diet might require more planning and support than you presently have. That’s why an HCG Program can be the path you need to attain and maintain your optimal healthy weight.

Eliminating Fat Naturally with Medical Science

When you struggle to find the time to get to the gym, and your diet is filled with useless calories, it is safe to say; you need to change your lifestyle – But how?

At Total Body Atlanta, we offer HCG Programs designed for the busy lifestyle. Here’s how it works. We introduce your body to the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. This hormone is naturally produced in pregnant women to ensure proper energy to the fetus for normal development, even when mommy doesn’t eat properly. It is a powerful hormone which converts fat into energy. Yep – you heard that right, it converts unhealthy and abnormal fat into energy burned without the aid of exercise.

Does that get your attention? We have been told the only way we can burn fat is to exercise faithfully or to starve ourselves. Although the former can be used effectively to lose fat and build muscle, many of us lack time to spend in the gym or jog the neighborhood. And the latter is unwise because it will deprive the body of nutrition and diminish healthy muscle tissue.

HCG is a natural hormone administered through injections or drops, to effectively burn up to 2000 calories of abnormal fat for energy. Combine this hormone with a low-calorie diet for nutrients and minerals, and that math we talked about earlier works just fine for losing weight and eliminating unwanted fat.

HCG Program Details

Trying to eat right in Atlanta can be tough. Most foods that are easily accessible in restaurants or the grocery are high in sugar and starches. When we fail to burn off these high-energy foods, these sugars turn into fat, which finds its way to the most undesirable places on our body like the hips, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs.

If we put too much of this fat on our frame, our health can be at risk with obesity-related diseases like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. Look around, and you’ll see this problem is quite common in our culture. So, what does this HCG program entail?

We have two programs at Total Body Atlanta designed to help patients achieve their optimal weight and body fat composition. Both programs utilize HCG hormones with a 500-calorie diet plan for the duration of the treatment. The first is the 23-day program and the second, is the 40-day program. As you might guess, these are designed to help patients according to how much weight and fat they need to eliminate.

What You Eat

Your diet will be very detailed but simple to follow at home and work. You might find it easier to pre-prepare your meals, especially those eaten at the office or on the go. The diet will contain healthy proteins like chicken, fish, and meat, with healthy nutrient-rich vegetables and fruit.

This diet will work in tandem with the HCG hormone for 23 or 40 days. By then you should have lost your excess weight or be well on your way. You should alter your diet accordingly, using the basic tenets of eating healthy food and avoiding unhealthy foods laced with sugar and starches.

Another advantage is anything repeated for at least 21 days can easily become a habit. So, after each program, you will have altered your shopping and eating habits to ensure a lifestyle which will support your optimal weight and fat composition.

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