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Diet and exercise can transform your body, but sometimes the transformation isn’t quite enough. If you have stubborn fat pockets that don’t seem to budge, liposuction could be the solution. At Total Body, we offer minimally invasive, laser-assisted liposuction using Lipotherme. Just one session provides permanent fat removal and skin tightening. Come in for lipo now and be healed by summer!

How Does Lipotherme Work?

The Lipotherme laser uses heat to liquefy fat cells, removing them forever. Unlike traditional liposuction, the laser also provides skin tightening. Lipotherme can reduce fat in localized areas, tighten and smooth the skin, and reshape the body. It is not a weight loss treatment but, rather, a way to fight back against stubborn fat.

During the procedure, a small incision will be made in each treatment area (we’ll use a numbing cream to ensure you feel no pain). A cannula is inserted just under the skin and a laser beam liquefies the fat cells, which are suctioned out of the body. The heat used to liquefy the fat also tightens the skin.

I Want Lipo, but Don’t Want to Skip My Workouts. Is this Possible?

You’ve been working hard at the gym and don’t want to miss out on fitness while you recover. The good news is Lipotherme allows you to get treatment and get right back to life. Unlike traditional surgical liposuction, which is invasive and requires significant downtime, Lipotherme lets you return to most activities the very next day. You can return to strenuous exercise in just a week. Lipotherme provides the fat-reducing benefits of liposuction without the downtime!

How Long Until I See My Results?

Summer’s quickly approaching, but it isn’t too late for liposuction. Your results will begin to show in about 1-2 weeks and will continue to improve all summer long. The fat removal is permanent, so you shouldn’t develop pockets of fat in the same areas again. You can still gain weight, though, which will accumulate in other areas. This is why it’s always best to pair treatment with a healthy diet and exercise (we can help with this, too!).

Get your body ready for summer with liposuction. Call and schedule your treatment today.

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