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Countless people have decreased self-esteem due to undeniable signs of aging. The production of elastin and collagen may decrease through time, and it may result in the formation of lines, wrinkles and folds in the face. Beauty is essential to wellness, thus seeing undesirable changes in the physical body may cause unhappiness. Fortunately, current technology can counter the effects of time. Revival of youthful look is now possible, and it can be done in a snap! Total Body is equipped with such tool that can rejuvenate the diminishing radiance of aging patients without the need for incisions. Juvederm XC is today’s cutting-edge technology that delivers a facelift effect without the need for surgery. Feel and look youthful again with the help of Juvederm XC!


How Juvederm XC Works


Juvederm XC is a smooth gel made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is already made by your body. Once injected into the problem area, it adds volume to replenish the lost elastin and collagen that cause wrinkles and facial lines. Juvederm XC also improves the moisture of the skin that revivifies glow. It’s typically used to soften and smooth out lines and wrinkles around the nose and the mouth. Juvederm XC is a phenomenal product that can do the following:


  • Polishes smile lines or folds that form on the nose to the mouth
  • Reduces the appearance of marionette lines that form from the mouth to the chin
  • Smooth out vertical lines above the lips
  • Adds volume to thinning lips, making them appear pouty and fuller.


Is Juvederm XC for You?


A proper assessment of your skin will determine if Juvederm XC is the right treatment for you. If your concern is the appearance of facial lines, folds and wrinkles, which are caused by the diminishing production of collagen and elastin, Juvederm XC could be the right procedure for you. If your lines or wrinkles are caused by muscle activity, Botox injections may be recommended instead. The only way to be certain is to get evaluated by our highly-trained and well-experienced physicians.


How Long Juvederm XC Lasts


The substance responsible for the anti-aging effect of Juvederm XC is hyaluronic acid. It is a safe and effective ingredient that moisturizes and brings back the fullness of the skin. As mentioned, the human body produces hyaluronic acid, and thus, when administered in the body, this substance is as well absorbed through time. Patients may expect the effect of Juvederm XC to last up to a year. Once the results of the product begin to diminish, patients can always go back for a revamp.


Learn More About Juvederm XC


Know if Juvederm XC is the right procedure for you! Experts at Total Body will provide all the information you need about this treatment, and will evaluate your skin to know if this is the appropriate solution for your needs. Begin with your transformation, give Total Body a call!

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