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A new, contoured body awaits! Preparing for laser liposuction is exciting. You can’t wait to see your results and to enjoy the changes in your body. It is also a bit scary. Yes, you’re excited, but you may also feel a bit nervous about what comes next… RECOVERY. How will you feel after surgery? When will you be able to return to your regular activities?

To help alleviate your pre-surgery anxiety, we’ve prepared a little guide for you so you know what to expect from your laser liposuction recovery. Embrace the excitement. Soon, you’re going to look amazing.

Immediately After Surgery

During surgery, small incisions will be made in the treatment area. Each of the incisions will be sutured closed. Many of our patients are surprised by how small the incisions actually are. You’ll be free to head home right after surgery, but you will need someone to drive you.

That first day, you’ll need to rest. Extra rest will help your body to heal. Plan on missing work and taking it easy the day after surgery. You may experience mild bruising, swelling and soreness, but these typically resolve quickly.

48 Hours After Surgery

Many patients are ready to return to work 2-3 days after surgery (depending on your job). You’ll need to avoid strenuous activities for a little longer, but you can resume most daily tasks. Listen to your body and ease back into activities as you feel comfortable.

One Week After Surgery

After a week, many patients notice that their bruising, swelling and discomfort have dramatically decreased. You can generally resume all of our regular activities. At about a week post-surgery you may start to see the results from your treatment as the swelling subsides.

Two Weeks After Surgery

After two weeks, you should definitely start seeing your results. These results will continue to improve for several months after treatment because the laser energy used to liquefy the fat also has skin tightening and smoothing benefits that take time to fully develop.

Long-Term Results

The results from your laser liposuction treatment are permanent. Once the fat cells are removed, they will never return. You will not develop pockets of fat in the treatment location again. That doesn’t mean that you can’t gain weight or develop new pockets of fat in other areas. A good diet and regular exercise are still essential.

Are you ready to eliminate stubborn fat pockets for good? Call us today and ask about laser liposuction.

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