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New Year, New Promises.

It’s always been that way at the start of each year. We make promises to change something we don’t like in our lives. We pledge to do something to help feel us better about our bodies and about ourselves.

However, at the end of every year, many of us find ourselves frustrated or disappointed for failing to achieve some of our goals. One of that is the goal of losing weight. Many people struggle to reach their target weight, especially when they reach the 2nd quarter of the year. From there, it’s a slippery slope until it becomes harder to reach the target weight.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through this vicious cycle every year. If many people have failed to accomplish that goal, there are also those who have succeeded.

You can be one of them.

To achieve your weight loss goals, there are tips you can try to help you stick to them even if the going gets tougher. Here are three things that have helped many individuals succeed:

  1. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite treats.

Banning treats, whether it’s soda, French fries, chocolates, is bound to fail. Feelings of deprivation will only lead you to revert to your old eating habits. Instead, make peace with your favorite treats. This doesn’t mean that you should have them in your fridge all the time, though. Just allow yourself a treat once a week. Just remember that the key is moderation.

  1. Make your home your gym.

Your home is a good place to start working out regularly. Once you feel ready to level up, you can then enroll in a gym. By that time, your body will have built a strong stamina to perform more challenging fitness routines.

  1. Seek professional help.

Although the goal of losing weight is a personal matter, you don’t have to hold back from seeking professional help. If you’ve been overweight for a long time, shedding excess weight can be extremely hard. Therefore, joining a medically supervised weight loss program can make a big difference in your weight loss journey. This will not only ensure that you lose weight the proper way, but you can also accomplish your goals sooner.

These three tips are just some of the many ways to stick to your weight loss goals. To learn more, consult with Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins, Total Body’s weight loss expert. You may also ask him about our medically supervised weight loss program.

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