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Mother’s Day is around the corner, and you want to get her the perfect gift. Somehow a witty card or that “special purse” will not work this year. You want to get her something she truly wants. Something that will make her feel unique and beautiful. She’s your Mom, and she tells you things. She is concerned with her appearance, and she wants to age with grace, but the consequences of age are catching up. You know how to help her, but you worry about how she will receive this type of gift. Giving her something she can use but not hurt her feelings in the process is something which may be easier than you think.

It’s Trending

Gifting a cosmetic procedure is becoming more popular each year. Many of the stigmas associated with aesthetic medicine are declining because cosmetic treatment is becoming more accepted. Having work done to resolve cosmetic concerns like crow’s feet, furrowed brows, and facial hollows has become popular is becoming the norm for more people.

The idea of reducing facial flaws associated with aging is talked about more than you think, especially by women your mother’s age.

How to Do it Right

If your mother has had cosmetic injections like Botox, then gifting a liquid lift is easy. Just schedule a consultation and pre-pay for the procedure. To make the gift more enjoyable for you both, go with her. A consultation is designed to put her at ease and help her make the right choice.

For mothers who have never had any cosmetic treatment, a little more discretion is in order. First, make sure it is something she is considering. If you don’t know, ask her. Get a feel for if this is something she would like to receive. During this conversation you may find she has been considering a procedure for a while now, just hasn’t pulled the trigger.

Tell her you’ve been struggling with what to get her for Mother’s Day and you want to make it special. Don’t be surprised when she gets excited about your idea for her gift.

Contact Her Clinic

If your mother currently has an aesthetic clinic she frequents for other procedures like peels or facials, call them and tell them your idea. Tell them you would like to purchase a liquid lift for her and if they agree, let them suggest it during one of her visits. They do this every day, and it will make it easier on you.

Why a Liquid Lift?

At Total Body of Atlanta, Dr. Dwayne Haskins designs liquid lifts to address the effects of facial aging without surgery. The benefits include

  • The softening of facial folds and furrows
  • Restoration of lost volume
  • Diminish wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce jowls
  • Soften crow’s feet

Although the results are temporary, your mother will enjoy her youthful appearance for several months. Once the body begins to break down the product naturally, she can add ongoing maintenance sessions.


Yes, we know it’s a touchy subject and one which should be handled discreetly. But if your mother is concerned with her appearance (and what woman isn’t?), she will appreciate how much you care about her with this gift that is more common than you think.

Book This Gift Today

If you are considering giving your mother a liquid lift or any other cosmetic treatment as a gift for Mother’s Day we can help:

Call us today to find out more about gifting a Liquid Lift at Total Body in the Johns Creek, Georgia area.

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