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With summer fast approaching, many of our clients are trying to get their bodies swimsuit-ready. Don’t worry if you need a little help! We can help you get ready for summer with our medical weight loss programs (if you need to lose weight) or liposuction (if you have unwanted fat pockets). Call today and learn more about your options!

For many of our patients, liposuction is the solution to banishing unwanted fat. It can help you to finally achieve those sculpted abs or that perfect bikini body. If you’re thinking about lipo, call and schedule a consultation. We can help you determine if this treatment is the best option for you.

Are You Trying to Lose Weight?

Many people mistakenly believe that liposuction is a weight loss treatment. You may lose some weight from your liposuction, but it is actually a body contouring treatment. Its goal is to shape and perfect the body by removing stubborn, unwanted fat pockets. If you’re close to your ideal weight, but still struggling with a muffin top or love handles, this treatment might be right for you. If you want to lose 20 pounds, ask us about our medical weight loss programs first. Once you drop the weight, you can use liposuction to perfect your shape.

Do You Have Stubborn Fat Pockets?

If you have stubborn, localized fat pockets, liposuction may be the treatment you need. We often use liposuction to treat unwanted fat on the abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, knees, back, upper arms, neck, and chin.

Do You Want a Non-Surgical Treatment Option?

At Total Body, we offer non-surgical, non-invasive laser-assisted liposuction using Lipotherme. This treatment provides stunning results in just one treatment. In addition to fat removal, Lipotherme provides skin tightening for a tighter, smoother final result—a true win-win!

The Lipotherme laser uses heat to liquefy fat cells, permanently removing them. Results are lasting and downtime is very minimal. Many patients return to their regular activities the very next day. You don’t need surgery to enjoy liposuction results.

Call today and get your body ready for summer!

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