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You’re now in your 30s, past the awkwardness of your 20s, and loving life. Yet, now that you are a little bit older, you may be considering a certain kind of treatment you’ve never had done before: a Botox treatment.

Whether you currently have unwanted wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, or just need a self-confidence boost, a Botox treatment could be the answer. Better yet, if you are in your 30s, there’s no better time to pursue Botox!

About Botox

Those in their 30s are the perfect age for Botox, as they often have a better idea of what they want in life, and aren’t afraid to go after it – whether it be a job, relationship, or cosmetic procedure. Further, individuals who are a little older may be more financially sound to afford Botox.

If you’ve never gotten a Botox treatment, there are several factors to take into consideration. The following tips should prove beneficial.

First and foremost, you want to select a doctor with experience, someone who knows what they are doing. Chances are, you’re getting the Botox injection in your face, right? And what is it that people see first when they take in your appearance? Your face. Therefore, don’t just find a doctor you trust, but one with a proven track record.

Once you’ve found the right doctor, make sure you’re completely honest with them. For example, it’s imperative to be upfront about any allergies, medical conditions, or prescriptions you may be taking. All of these factors could affect the Botox treatment. Also, make sure you relay your goals and expectations for post-treatment.

Speaking of expectations, it’s necessary to have realistic ones. Yes, Botox will help get rid of undesired wrinkles, but you should know that it does take time for the results to form. Further, they are not permanent results. You will eventually need more treatments.

Once the Botox has been injected, you will want to avoid touching that area, which means no creams, moisturizers, of facials of any kind. You will also want to stay out of the sun, as it could further irritate your skin. Lastly, avoid exercise and all strenuous activities for the first few hours. In doing so, you’ll see better Botox results.

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