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Now that Halloween is behind us, a whirlwind of activity awaits. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, family vacations, and holiday parties are just around the corner, and you want to look your best.

At Total Body, we want to help! We offer multiple skin treatments that help you attain your holiday glow. You will enter each holiday event with beauty and confidence, and you will not go unnoticed. So, plan for the compliments this holiday season with a skin rejuvenation regimen that will make you the life of each party.

Get Your Holiday Glow on with Botox

After years of laughter, frowns, happiness, and stress, your facial appearance will show some wear – especially around your eyes and above your brow. Botox diminishes these expression lines within three weeks. There will be no downtime and the procedures last less than an hour.  After these three weeks, you will notice continued improvement for a few more, with each injection lasting up to four months.

Botox is a wonderful way to rid yourself of wrinkles and creases and give your face a refreshed and relaxed appearance.  It will rejuvenate your facial skin and revive your self-esteem. Your skin will be firm, tight, and flexible and you will look years younger. Comments about how you look will be positive and come often.

It’s not a permanent solution, but it will get you through the holidays displaying a younger, more relaxed version of you. Repeat treatments are extremely common, and Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world.

Give Thanks for a Younger Face with Juvederm

Holidays were meant to be festive, but sometimes the mirror gives us little to celebrate. With the invasion of lines and creases around our mouth and nose, you may not be in a festive mood. Juvederm VC can change this.

Whether you travel this Thanksgiving or stay home, you will be seen by family and old friends. It is a time to be close to loved ones. And these loved ones will be quite impressed with the youthful facial presence you will achieve with Juvederm VC. Its effect can create facelift results which can last up to a year.

Say goodbye to marionette lines, thin lips, smile lines, and vertical lines above the mouth. The transformation will be spectacular and will improve your self-confidence and give you cause to be extremely thankful!

Deck the Halls with a Liquid Lift

Is it time to pull out all stops for facial rejuvenation for your holiday season preparation? You want to look your best – don’t you? It may be time for a liquid lift to restore your facial beauty and have your friends and family say sincerely, “you look great!”

Combine Botox and Juvederm VC treatments for a Liquid Lift! You will turn back the clock on your face including your forehead, around your eyes, mouth, and nose.

A liquid lift provides facelift results without one incision. It is a non-surgical procedure which makes you look younger without surgery. At Total Body, we combine Botox and Juvéderm XC to diminish wrinkles and smooth lines and add lost volume which results from elastin and collagen loss. This anti-aging facial treatment will result in a youthful, smoother facial appearance.

Bring in the New Year with Longer Lashes

Okay, you’ve seen the fake-lash look in public and on TV. It’s the last thing you want because it looks unnatural and unsophisticated. You struggle with your lash length but want a natural resolution, not something that looks like a costume accessory.

Latisse is an at home prescription treatment which gives you longer and fuller eyelashes to help bring attention to your beautiful eyes. The procedure is designed to work as you sleep. Just apply at the lash base before bedtime and wake to your long desirable eyelashes. They look natural, and they are yours!

It’s Quick, Easy, and Effective

These products have transformed the aesthetic industry.  When done properly and started early enough, they can transform you as well for your holiday experience. Of course, the right applicator will be critical to achieving the results you want. At Total Body, we pride ourselves with the years of training and experience that allow our patients to meet each day with confidence and beauty.

Tis the season to put your best look forward and learn more about how you can enhance your facial appearance for the holidays. For additional information about these procedures and more, click here for a free consultation.




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