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Last year, more than 6.6 million Botox treatments were performed in the U.S. That’s a lot of Botox. But even with the many avid users of the product, many men and women haven’t yet tried it. If you find yourself on the Botox newbies list and wonder what all the rage is about, contact us and schedule a Botox treatment. Soon you’ll see that Botox really can turn back the clock. You’ve never looked so great!

What Is Botox?

Botox is an cosmetic treatment that can soften and smooth wrinkles. It works by relaxing the muscles that cause common wrinkles (like crow’s feet, lines between the brows, forehead lines, etc.). The results can be smooth and natural-looking and regular treatments can be maintained indefinitely. Botox requires no downtime and is a very safe treatment that has been used cosmetically since 2002.

Choosing the Right Injector

If you’re new to Botox, make sure you choose your injector carefully. The results you achieve are largely dependent on the skill of your injector. Look for someone that is very familiar with Botox. A good understanding of how the product works and how to apply it properly can make a big difference in your results. Here at Total Body, we treat Botox as a highly individualized procedure. We’ll carefully analyze your face and talk with you about your aesthetic goals to create a customized treatment plan with results you’ll love. We have years of training and experience to ensure that your results are consistent and natural looking.

Don’t Be Surprised If You Don’t See Instant Results

We’re certain you’ll love your Botox results, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any changes for a few days. Botox takes about a week before you’ll see the full results. Be patient… you’re going to look amazing.

Stick with Your Treatment Schedule

If you love your results and want to maintain them, you’ll need regular Botox treatments. In general, results start to wear off about 3-4 months after treatment. We’ll create a treatment schedule so you can always look your best.

Come give Botox a try. There’s a reason this popular treatment tops the list year after year. Botox works and patients love it.

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