Top 5 Spots to Treat Yourself in Atlanta

Looking for places around Atlanta to treat yourself? Total Body Atlanta complied this list of the top five spots to treat yourself in Atlanta. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself with a workout, a manicure, or an adjustment, this list has something for everyone. Be sure to check out the businesses below on your next pampering […]

Hot Yoga or Regular Yoga – Is One Better than the Other?

Yoga is an excellent addition to your fitness regime, but should you choose hot yoga or regular yoga? Here are the facts about both types. Which option is the best fit for your lifestyle and workout goals? Is Hot Yoga Effective for Weight Loss? Hot yoga—or Bikram Yoga—is a popular type of yoga done in […]

5 Summer Workouts You’re Sure to Love

Don’t waste the summer running on a treadmill; enjoy the great outdoors while meeting your fitness goals. Make the most of the gorgeous weather with these perfect summer workouts. Hill Sprints Revel in the beautiful summer weather with an outdoor run. To really make the most of your workout, try hill sprints. Find a steep […]

Best and Fastest Morning Workouts

Start your day out right with a morning workout. When you exercise first, it becomes a priority. In fact, it will likely become a daily habit, even when things get busy. We know you’re short on time in the morning, so we’ve rounded up some quick and easy AM workout ideas. Let’s make exercise a […]

The Best Home Workout Videos

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you likely need to increase the amount and intensity of exercise you do. That doesn’t mean you need to sign up for a gym membership or invest in a bunch of expensive workout equipment. These wonderful home workout videos can help you stay active, drop […]