Why Wait until 2019 to Jump Start Your Weight Loss? Start Today!

You’ve been thinking about losing weight for weeks, especially when you’re standing in front of a mirror. The big question is – when? With the holidays fast approaching with family dinners and those fantastic holiday dishes, trying to lose weight just got harder until the New Year. Now the question is – can you afford […]

Is It Too Late to Start a Weight Loss Program?

Losing weight can be challenging, tedious – sometimes, even downright painful. Yet, many of us continue to strive to reach our goal weight? Why? Because stubborn, pesky pockets of fat keep of us from attaining that desired number on the scale. What ultimately allows people to succeed in their weight loss journey, however, is knowing […]

Don’t Give Up on Your Healthy Resolutions! Here’s How to Get Back on Track

Resolutions are what drive people to do better. Yet, only 8% of individuals achieve their New Year’s resolutions. If you’re part of the 92% of individuals who seems to fail at following through with personal, self-improvement goals, don’t give up just yet. You make healthy resolutions because you want to be healthy, you want to […]

Top Healthy Recipes with Winter Produce

Winter’s dark and cold conditions don’t really seem like a time where there would be bountiful fruits and vegetables, but surprisingly, some of the most nourishing and nutritious fruits and vegetables tend to grow in winter. Winter is the best time to have comfort food that won’t be a guilty pleasure, and with these recipes, […]

7 Habits of Healthy People

Health is wealth. We know that. This is the reason many people desire it. Yet, there are many people failing to achieve it. Well, if it was easy, health would not be one of the most important aspects in life. People achieve health intentionally and not accidentally. In other words, it is through deliberation and […]

New Year, New You: 3 Healthy Resolutions to Make for 2017

As 2017 draws near, plenty of people are now listing down resolutions for next year. Making resolutions is indeed a great way to help you reach goals and have all the wonderful things you’ve always wanted in your life. For 2017, though, instead of making resolutions to achieve something, why not focus on improving your […]

Why Do I Feel So Hungry When I’m Trying to Lose Weight?

Hunger is one of the biggest obstacles you’ll ever encounter when trying to lose weight. In fact, feeling ravenous is one of the factors that lead people to give up on their goals. As you go on a diet, you eat fewer calories, and this will naturally make you feel hungry. Fortunately, there’s a solution […]

All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Total Body Atlanta created this infographic to help patients understand calories and the inequalities of calories in certain types of foods. Calories are essential in our daily lives, so it is important to understand what they are and how they work. Fast Facts About Calories A calorie is a measurable unit of energy. The human […]

Top Healthy Desserts

Being on a diet and having a sweet tooth shouldn’t have to be incompatible; turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too. Having to give up an important culinary pleasure like dessert can make you crave sugary treats constantly—making it more likely for you stray from your diet. You don’t need monk-ish […]