5 Healthy Crockpot Recipes for the Fall

Some people will swear that the crock pot is the greatest food invention since sliced bread, and they do have a point; a crock pot is an amazing kitchen gadget that automatically cooks delicious casseroles, tender meat and more. The best part—you can put a bunch of ingredients in the crock pot, let it run […]

Announcing a New Website and New Name

We’re proud to announce that our renowned practice is undergoing a name change—as well as a website update. From now on, Heartland Total Body will be known as Total Body. We’re no strangers to reinvention; our practice is dedicated to helping you lose weight, get healthier, and look better. When you visit our website, you’ll […]

5 Healthy Meals in Under 30 Minutes

If you have a busy, fast-paced life, it’s nearly impossible to eat healthy. Nothing kills your motivation for a healthy diet more than the thought of coming home after a hard day’s work and then having to prepare an entire home-cooked meal. Lucky for you, not all healthy meals require two hours of prep—and not […]

Carbohydrates: Friend or Foe?

If you’re like most of us, you’re likely wondering whether to carb, or not to carb. If you want to lose weight, should you stop eating carbs altogether? We understand the confusion and can help you make sense of the carb conundrum. If you need personalized advice about diet, exercise, or weight loss, call and schedule […]

Avoiding Weight Training Because You Think You’ll Bulk Up? Learn the Truth

What’s your biggest exercise fear? Do you skip the weights in fear that you’ll bulk up? If you’re avoiding weights, you’re missing out on a powerful weight loss and body-improvement tool. Weights can help you achieve your best body without bulking up. Testosterone: The Key to Bulking Up Women often worry that hitting the weights […]

Why Is Medically Supervised Weight Loss Important?

Are you having trouble losing weight on your own? It can be difficult to find the right weight loss program, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lifetime of excess weight. Perhaps you could benefit from medically supervised weight loss. At Total Body, we can help you create a custom-designed weight loss plan so […]