How to Treat Your Mom to a Liquid Facelift – Without Ruining the Holiday

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and you want to get her the perfect gift. Somehow a witty card or that “special purse” will not work this year. You want to get her something she truly wants. Something that will make her feel unique and beautiful. She’s your Mom, and she tells you things. She […]

Not Ready for a Facelift? Consider a Liquid Lift

You don’t need an invasive surgery to look and feel your best. At Total Body, we’ve built our practice on providing non-surgical and less invasive cosmetic treatments and medically supervised weight loss to our patients. One of our most popular options for facial rejuvenation is our liquid lift. Call us to learn more about this […]

Liquid Lift: Frequently Asked Questions

Facial aging is a natural part of life and while it may affect everyone, it doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to fight back against it! There are multiple options for facial rejuvenation out there but for the patient that does not want to undergo surgery and still wants to look great, there’s […]

Fall In Love With Injectables

Valentine’s Day may have passed already, but you can celebrate the month of love by investing in yourself. One great way to do that is to schedule injectable treatments to rejuvenate your face and banish the signs of aging. Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins at Total Body offers a range of injectables that can help improve […]

Botox or Fillers? Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Are you thinking about injectables? Fillers (like Juvederm) and Botox are both great options for rejuvenation and are especially suited to the lifestyles of busy men and women. With just a few minutes of treatment and no downtime afterwards, you can improve your appearance. Although both treatments are injectable, Botox and fillers aren’t one and […]

Beauty Treatments to Set the Tone for a Gorgeous New Year

Do you want to look younger as usher in 2016? If you do, hurry in—a rejuvenated looking you awaits. Which treatments should you choose? Here are a few quick and easy enhancement options. Call us today to learn more. Soon enough, you’ll be basking in the glow of your youthful glow as you start out […]