Got Your Tax Return? Time to Invest in Yourself

We’ve all heard the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.” While it’s true in some ways, it’s also true that you can use money as an instrument to help you buy something or anything that will make you happy. If you just got your tax return, why don’t you invest your extra funds in yourself? It’s […]

Fall In Love With Injectables

Valentine’s Day may have passed already, but you can celebrate the month of love by investing in yourself. One great way to do that is to schedule injectable treatments to rejuvenate your face and banish the signs of aging. Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins at Total Body offers a range of injectables that can help improve […]

Can Injections Really Help with Weight Loss?

Are you sick of yo-yo dieting? Skip the latest weight loss fad and try something different. Because we’re experts in medical weight loss, we can help you find your prescription solution to stubborn weight. Drop those pounds and keep them off. Let’s stop that yo-yo cycle in its tracks. One technique that we use in […]

Exercise + Lipovite = Big Results–10 Minute Workouts to Get You Moving

If you need to drop pounds, Lipovite can help. This injectable treatment utilizes vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes to get your body in fat burning mode. It helps to boost metabolism and keeps your liver from accumulating fat so you can finally drop those stubborn pounds. Patients receiving typically Lipovite lose 2-3 pounds per week. […]

Lipotherme vs. Lipovite: Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

If there’s one thing we know about losing weight, it is that no two patients are the same. An individualized treatment approach is the best way to drop those pounds and to keep them off. One of the best ways to find the right weight loss approach is to come see us and learn more […]