Fall In Love With Injectables

Valentine’s Day may have passed already, but you can celebrate the month of love by investing in yourself. One great way to do that is to schedule injectable treatments to rejuvenate your face and banish the signs of aging. Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins at Total Body offers a range of injectables that can help improve […]

Botox or Fillers? Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Are you thinking about injectables? Fillers (like Juvederm) and Botox are both great options for rejuvenation and are especially suited to the lifestyles of busy men and women. With just a few minutes of treatment and no downtime afterwards, you can improve your appearance. Although both treatments are injectable, Botox and fillers aren’t one and […]

What’s the Best Filler for Mature Skin?

Would you like to look a little younger? Dermal fillers are an easy way to achieve this. With just a few quick injections you can fill in wrinkles, restore volume, and rejuvenate the skin. Dermal fillers require no downtime and are completely non-surgical. Both men and women can benefit from dermal filler injections. Although dermal […]