Top Healthy Desserts

Being on a diet and having a sweet tooth shouldn’t have to be incompatible; turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too. Having to give up an important culinary pleasure like dessert can make you crave sugary treats constantly—making it more likely for you stray from your diet. You don’t need monk-ish […]

How to Avoid Gaining Weight Over the Holidays?

Are you worried about gaining weight this holiday season? Here are ways to keep you from gaining weight, and keep the focus on friends and family instead. The Holidays are Coming! And with that comes the celebrations, family get-togethers and gastronomic feasts you can’t resist. However, if indulging in all your favorite holiday dishes makes […]

Healthy Dessert Recipes that Won’t Blow Your Diet

Trying to eat healthy but in need of something sweet? It is possible to indulge in a dessert without feeling guilty. These healthy dessert recipes can satisfy the strongest sweet tooth without derailing your whole diet. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Sweet, sensuous, and delicious, chocolate covered strawberries are a Valentine’s Day favorite. Don’t leave them for […]