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Many of our HCG patients found losing weight a difficult endeavor. They were overweight or obese and understood their excess weight was harmful to their self-esteem and future health. Diseases like type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, and stroke were possible if they didn’t resolve their weight problem effectively.

Although they lost weight in the past, they found they put it right back on shortly after. These patients needed help and found it with Total Body of Atlanta and a weight loss program that assisted them with losing their excess weight and keeping it off.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

Total Body’s HCG Program is one of the few treatments that targets excess fat exclusively without affecting lean muscle. The program promotes the effect of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone to combine a low-calorie diet with the release of excess fat stores for energy.

After 60 plus years of research, the HCG hormone used in small doses with a prescribed diet is proven to metabolize abnormal fat quickly. HCG is a natural hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy. It supplies the maturing fetus with enough energy to develop normally, even through periods when the mother does not eat sufficiently.

The HCG hormone is produced synthetically and is helpful if it is a pharmaceutical grade. Homeopathic versions do not increase HCG in the blood and are not effective for optimal weight loss. The HCG hormone can be administered either by drops or injection.

Other than disease prevention, HCG patients enjoy many other benefits including a low body fat percentage and a normal BMI (Body Mass Index).  The HCG program reduces the negative effects of their present diet and resets the hypothalamus, reducing their cravings for sugars and starches, and burning up to 2000 calories of fat daily from their abnormal fat reserves.

How the HCG Program Solves Abnormal Fat

A typical diet in America is high in sugar and starch with an abundance of high energy foods. Because too many calories come from sugars, abnormal fat creeps into the worst places, like the abdomen, upper back, hips, thighs, and buttocks. When you try to lose this fat with low-fat diets, the results are often less than stellar. Even when combined with exercise, this fat can be stubborn.

The HCG program activates this fat by using it for energy. Just as the pregnant women’s fat is burned for fuel by the HCG hormone, the results are similar for patients who take the hormone supplement. The HCG treatment targets abnormal fat without reducing muscle mass, resulting in a lean, trim body.

HCG Reprograms Your Diet

The part of your brain which controls your appetite is the hypothalamus. Unfortunately, a diet high in starch and sugar will program your hypothalamus to crave these foods. The HCG hormone will reprogram your hypothalamus to crave healthier foods like healthy protein, vegetables, and fruits.

500 Calories

When the HCG hormone releases a supply of 2000 calorie for daily fuel consumption, an additional 500 calories will be provided by diet for minerals and nutrients needed for health and tissue development. These calories come from a careful selection of food which have optimal nutritional value.

HCG is a Safe Hormone

HCG is proven to be a safe hormone used by hundreds of thousands of patients to supplement their diet without causing any major side effects. Because of its natural origins, it is not rejected by the body and has no adverse interactions with any medications.

HCG is for Everyone

Whatever your weight loss goals, the HCG treatment plan can reduce your weight as well as your BMI and body weight percentage. It is a good alternative to many patients considering gastric bypass surgery.

Patients who are obese may require a longer HCG treatment to reduce abnormal fat and lose their desired amount of weight. At Total Body we offer two programs: the 23-day program and the 40-day program.

Most patients can expect to lose from a half-pound to two pounds of fat daily when the program is followed religiously.  So, if you have been looking to lose weight and need help, our HCG programs are designed for you! We will help you with understanding the program fully, and get you started on a lifestyle which will improve your appearance and future health.

For more information about how our HCG weight loss programs can help you lose excessive weight and abnormal fat, call us 770.907.0603 or schedule a Free consultation today

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