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It might seem counter-intuitive, but fasting before your workout is more detrimental to weight loss than indulging before an exercise session. A lot of people think weight loss is mostly about eating less, but it’s also about eating right.

With that in mind, let’s look at some tasty-but-healthy dishes you can eat before and after working out.

Before Your Workout

Why should I eat before a workout? For one thing, it’s going to be hard to burn fat when you’re running on empty. Having the right kind of fuel before a workout will let you build muscle, work out longer, and avoid over exhaustion. About an hour before your workout, try a small amount of one of these foods:

Whole wheat toast:

Whole wheat toast has complex carbs that slowly release fuel during your workout. Because it’s slowly digested, you can sustain yourself throughout your entire workout so that you don’t crash.


Bananas are a great source of potassium, an essential ion used by your brain and muscles to function efficiently. They’re also a great source of readily-available carbohydrates your body will use to immediately fuel your workout. Try it on some peanut butter and whole wheat toast to balance out your energy boost.

Egg whites:

Egg whites give you all the protein in eggs without all that pesky, egg yolk cholesterol. Proteins are the building blocks for muscle production, so have a small egg white omelet to help your muscles repair themselves and build new ones.

Remember not to overeat before your workout—just have a snack or you might get sick or get stomach cramps!

After Your Workout

After your workout, it’s all about recovery. Your energy stores have been depleted, so it’s time for some nutrient-dense, lean meals to refuel your body.


Whey is packed with protein, and refueling your protein stores will prevent your muscles from getting depleted after your workout. It also helps burn fat, encourages muscles to absorb glucose, and gives your immune system a boost. Eat it by mixing one scoop in a shake, some oatmeal, or some polenta.

Sweet Potatoes:

It’s not just a beloved Thanksgiving side dish. Sweet potatoes are filled with Vitamin A, fiber and carbohydrates to refill glycogen supplies.


Avocadoes have monounsaturated fats (the good kind!) that help repair muscle and absorb nutrients. It also has vitamin B, which is an essential part of a fast-acting metabolism.

Diet and exercise are the cornerstones of weight loss. But if you find yourself working too hard without substantial results, maybe it’s time to get a little help. Total Body is a fantastic weight loss clinic that uses techniques like diet, exercise, weight loss prescription medication, and other treatments. You’ll work directly with medical professionals and weight loss experts to create a customized plan just for you. Contact Total Body now, to finally get the body you want.

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