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Start your day out right with a morning workout. When you exercise first, it becomes a priority. In fact, it will likely become a daily habit, even when things get busy. We know you’re short on time in the morning, so we’ve rounded up some quick and easy AM workout ideas. Let’s make exercise a priority and finally achieve those weight loss goals!

Enjoy the Sunrise with an Early Morning Walk/Run

You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment for a good morning workout. Give the classic walk/run a try. In the morning, muscles aren’t warmed up, so you’ll need to start slowly. Walk 5-10 minutes, increasing your pace as you feel comfortable. When you’re feeling warmed up, start running (a mile … three miles … you choose!). Finish up with another five minutes of walking to cool down. You can even boost your metabolism and calorie burn with short bursts of sprints throughout your workout.

15 Minute AM Yoga – Start Your Day Feeling Great

A good morning workout should be something you look forward to (you’re more likely to do it if you enjoy it). Yoga can be a great way to start the day. This 15 minute morning yoga sequence is short enough to do on even the busiest of days. It will really get you moving, as it tones up major muscle groups. It isn’t classic yoga but, rather, yoga-inspired, making it an ideal choice for true yoga beginners. Best of all, you don’t need a mat and you can even wear shoes! If you have more time, pair this with some cardio.

Hit the Circuit to Build Muscle and Burn Calories

If you like to go to the gym, try the circuit for a quick and easy morning workout. Many gyms and health clubs offer a short, total body circuit that can be completed in about 30 minutes. Make sure you pair short bursts of cardio with weight training to increase your calorie burn.

Get Moving from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Great cardio can be done at home. Wake up 30 minutes early and knock out this fast-paced and fun home cardio workout before you get ready for the day. This workout requires no equipment and can be modified to your needs. Best of all, it will get you burning calories in 30 minutes or less. It doesn’t offer a cool-down, so make sure you do that on your own to avoid muscle tightness.

What’s your favorite AM workout? If you need extra motivation and/or a medically supervised weight-loss program, call Heartland today.

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