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Are you worried about gaining weight this holiday season? Here are ways to keep you from gaining weight, and keep the focus on friends and family instead.

The Holidays are Coming!

And with that comes the celebrations, family get-togethers and gastronomic feasts you can’t resist. However, if indulging in all your favorite holiday dishes makes you worry about gaining weight, then fret not. Here are some tips to keep in mind when around a bountiful spread of holiday eats.

  1. Eat slowly.

With all the sumptuous dishes on the table, it’s definitely hard to practice self-control.  However, it’s important to start disciplining yourself to eat slowly. Chew your food and savor the taste. Eating slowly will help you feel full in no time, thus, lowering the chances of overeating.

  1. Control your portions.

It’s okay to indulge this festive season, even desserts. The key is just to control your portions. If that apple pie is just too good to resist, go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth. But don’t go overboard with the servings. One moderately sized slice is enough, but two or more in one sitting may spell more hours on the treadmill as soon as the holidays are over.

  1. Get in on a weight loss program.

When you’re with friends and family sharing a good meal and having fun, it’s easy to forget that you’re controlling your weight. And before you know it, you’ll probably eat more than half of your fair share of mom’s dinner casserole or your grand ma’s mouth-watering pecan pie.

Signing up for a high-level, medically supervised weight loss program from Total Body Atlanta may be the way to go. Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins of Total Body Atlanta specializes in developing super-customized diet programs.

With a Total Body weight loss program, Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins will perform a health assessment, explain to you the different FDA-approved prescriptions, and recommend which one is right for you. It could be B-12 Injections, Lipovite, or HCG. All three vary in formulation and procedure, but they work in boosting metabolism, increasing your energy, and curbing your food cravings, particularly the unhealthy ones.

To learn more about Total Body’s weight loss program, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins today.

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