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When you’re in a rush but want to eat right, skip the fast food drive-thrus and opt for a meal replacement shake instead. Convenient and delicious, the right meal replacement shakes could help you jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and a new, slimmer you.

How Do I Find Healthy Meal Replacement Options?

Meal replacement shakes can be healthy, but you need to choose your shakes carefully. Not all options will help you meet your weight loss goals. Here are some tips for choosing a high quality shake that will fast-track your weight loss results.

  • Read the Labels- Before buying meal replacement shakes, flip that bottle over and read the nutrition information. Choose a shake that is in line with your diet goals. Look for things like calorie and sugar count, amount of protein and fiber, and the overall nutritional quality of your chosen shake.
  • Get Advice- Having trouble choosing the right meal replacement shakes for your lifestyle and weight loss goals? Ask for help. We sell a variety of meal replacement options and can help point you in the right direction for your individualized weight loss plan.

Getting the Most from Your Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes can help you meet your weight loss goals but, to get the most benefit, you have to use them wisely. Here are some tips.

  • Remember Your Calories- Meal replacement shakes are effective but, if you’re drinking a shake and still eating more calories than you burn, they aren’t going to make a difference in your weight loss. You need to use meal replacements as a part of your calorie reduction plan.
  • Use Your Extra Time- Meal replacement shakes can save you time. Drink one for lunch and you can skip the time you would have spent packing a lunch the night before or, if you typically eat out, you can skip the time (and money!) spent in a crowded restaurant. Use this time to burn calories and you’ll see even better results from your weight loss program. Hit the gym or take a walk!

Do you need a little help losing weight? Come see us and we’ll get you started on the right path. Call and schedule your appointment today!

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