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We’re proud to announce that our renowned practice is undergoing a name change—as well as a website update. From now on, Heartland Total Body will be known as Total Body. We’re no strangers to reinvention; our practice is dedicated to helping you lose weight, get healthier, and look better. When you visit our website, you’ll find more than a new logo and a new name; you might be able to find a new you.

Why “Total Body”?

Our new name better reflects the commitment we’ve always had to giving you a comprehensive weight loss experience. Our approach is to make sure our services are here for you all throughout your weight loss journey: our practice not only offers programs to reduce weight, but also procedures like liposuction and skin rejuvenation to give you a little boost if you want it. In short, we want to emphasize that we’re here for the “Total Body” experience.

Weight Loss Programs

Our website outlines Total Body’s multiple, customizable programs for effective, medically-supervised weight loss. Along with our dedicated weight loss coaches, you’ll have access to various lipotrophic injections, B-12 injections, and HCG therapy. We also offer a meal plan devised specially for medically-supervised weight loss programs.


Education is the first step to having a healthy lifestyle; that’s why Total Body is now offering complimentary nutrition education workshops every month.


Take a look at our page detailing the wide range of anti-aging procedures offered by Total Body: here you can read about dermal fillers, Botox, and Silkpeel to perfect your newer, sleeker, and slimmer look.


Our site has an informative blog that has everything from healthy recipes, tips for healthy living, and information on fat reduction procedures like liposuction. We know that weight loss is more like a lifestyle, and we want to provide you with as much information as you need to have a happy, healthy weight loss journey.


Although we understand that liposuction is not a weight loss technique, we’re dedicated to being there at every step of the way during your weight loss journey. If you’re close to your ideal weight but want to get rid extra stores of fat that won’t go away even after diet and exercise, then the Lipotherme procedure is perfect for sculpting your body into a more athletic one. Dr. Dwayne Watkins is specially trained on laser liposuction techniques like Lipotherme, which also helps tighten the skin and remove cellulite, unlike traditional liposuction techniques.

Photo Gallery and Success Stories

Want to see results of our work for yourself? One of the newest upgrades in our website is a photo gallery that can show you just what kind of a difference Total Body and Dr. Dwayne Watkins can make.

It’s time to follow Total Body’s lead and turn into a new you. Want to work with a renowned board-certified doctor like Dr. Dwayne Watkins, medical weight loss professionals, and dieticians for a comprehensive weight loss program? Contact us now, for a consultation.

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