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A healthy diet is an essential part of your weight loss plan. Make sure you’re getting yours right. Some foods sound healthy but, when you look a little deeper, they actually aren’t. Be on the lookout for these diet-busters and achieve your weight loss goals once and for all.

Avocado – Healthy In Moderation, but Easy to Go Overboard

Do you love this somewhat controversial fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) as much as we do? Creamy and luxurious, an avocado is a healthy replacement for mayonnaise, salad dressings, and creamy sauces. Avocados are healthy in moderation, as they are filled with vitamins and minerals and healthier fats, but they are also packed with calories. One medium sized avocado has almost 300 calories and more than 20 grams of fat. If you’re going to indulge in avocado, opt for less (the serving size is about a fifth of the fruit) and enjoy in moderation. Too much avocado can easily derail your weight loss goals.

Dried Fruit – A Little Fruit, a Lot of Sugar

Looking for a healthy snack on the go? Be careful when choosing dried fruits. Many dried fruits (including cranberries and pineapple) contain a lot of added sugar. Dried fruits also make it easy to overindulge, as they don’t contain water and can be eaten quickly. When you enjoy dried fruits, look for those without added sugar and eat only the recommended portion. It may be helpful to think about the quantity of fruit you would be eating if it wasn’t dehydrated. A handful of raisins is a whole lot of grapes!

Salad (Unless You Do it Right)

A big green salad might sound like the perfect lunch when you’re trying to eat right but, if you aren’t careful, it can be worse than a cheeseburger! Pile up all the leafy greens and veggies you like, but choose your dressing carefully. Creamy dressings tend to be high in fat and cholesterol. Fat-free dressings may keep you from absorbing optimal nutrition from your salad. Opt for a vinaigrette and use it in moderation. Also, be sure to steer clear of too many high calorie salad toppings, like cheese, nuts, croutons, chips, etc. When it comes to salad, veggies are your best pick!

Smoothies – Not All Are the Same

You’re running late and need breakfast on the go. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a smoothie from your favorite drive-thru. These often contain little fruit and a lot of sugar. If you want a healthy smoothie, make it yourself and fill it with whole fruits and leafy greens (unsweetened almond milk is also a great addition!).

Protein Bars – Basically a Fortified Candy Bar

Look at the nutrition facts on the back of your favorite protein bar. Now compare it to your favorite candy bar. They might be nearly the same! Many protein bars are packed with fats, calories, and sugars. That doesn’t mean you can’t find healthy options, but you will need to read labels before you buy to ensure you’re getting a healthy pick.

Sports Drinks – As Sugary as a Soda

Many people who are trying to eat right opt for a sports drink instead of a soda. In reality, water is your healthiest pick. Sports drinks contain a lot of sugar. If you aren’t participating in an intense workout or sporting event, you probably don’t need them, and studies have found they can lead to weight gain.

Yogurt – More Sugar than You Might Think

Yogurt cups might be small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack in the sugar. A small container of flavored yogurt contains about 15 grams of sugar (more than half of the daily recommendation for women by the American Heart Association). Yogurt can be healthy if you choose plain, unsweetened yogurt and add whole fruit instead of sugar.

If you need help and advice to discover your healthiest diet, give us a call. Our personalized medical weight loss programs can transform your body from head to toe.

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