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Exercise at Home

Health and fitness don’t recognize seasons. You can’t say to your body, “Stay healthy because I’m going to take a pause from exercise this winter.” There’s no respite when it comes to wellness.

The challenge, though, is how to stick to your routines when it’s frigid cold outside. It’s definitely a challenge to climb out of bed and put on your workout clothes to jog or head to the gym when the chilly weather is tempting you to sleep in and stay warm in your bed.

Thankfully, there are various ways to stay fit even if it’s too cold to go to the gym or to jog in the park. With these five exercise routines, you can stay in shape even in the dead cold of winter in the comforts of your cozy home.

  1. Stair Stepping

You may not have fancy gym equipment at home, but you can certainly make use of what’s in your house, like your staircase for instance. Stair stepping is a great exercise that can raise your heart rate up and sweat. To do this exercise, climb up and down the stairs for several minutes. Start slow and accelerate speed once your body becomes used to the routine.

If you don’t have a staircase, use a chair. Step up and down while you watch TV. You may not sweat as you would in a gym, but the routine can keep your body active.

  1. Dancing

This is an excellent and fun way to burn calories, and raise your heart rate up. Just play your favorite dance music and dance to your heart’s content. Since this is done inside your home, you don’t have to worry about the right dance moves.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Although this is an elementary routine, it’s considered one of the best, fuss-free cardio workout routines. You can even perform this exercise while on a break from a TV show or work.

  1. High Knees

If you don’t have a treadmill at home, you can still raise your heart rate up as if you went out to jog. Instead of running in place, just march across your living room while you bring your knees as high as you can raise them.

  1. Weight Lifting

Don’t have dumbbells? Just fill bottles with water, and they’ll serve as makeshift dumbbells. This trick is inexpensive and will help you build muscles even if you’re stuck inside the house for days.

The key to fitness maintenance is consistency. To stay fit all throughout the year requires regular exercise regardless of the weather or season. Therefore, use these exercise routines to help you stay fit in the winter months.

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