Success Stories

Veronica’s Success Story

Veronica's before and after

As a teen I was a normal weight of around 130 pounds.  Never had to worry about my weight.  Well life started, i got married had 2 kids never lost the weight I gained from both pregnancies. I continued to gain weight like there was no tomorrow, i tried so many times to lose weight but i would always come up with some kind of an excuse. 2004 I made a life changing decision to begin my weight loss journey. Fast forward to 2016 and i’m proud to say not only did i drop a total of 238 pounds I’ve also maintained it and kept it off. It took a lot of dedication and making my mind up that I was NOT going to be unhappy and overweight. I changed my life style and began to be more active and changes began. I have learned a lot about weight loss and maintenance during the course of my journey and want to pass these tools on to all of our patients. All of us at Total Body have a weight loss story and know where you are and how to get you where you need to be!  Join our family today and allow us to help you become a happier and healthier you!

– Veronica, Nurse & Weight Loss Coach

Patient’s Success Story


I have battled weight issues since childhood. Since my teenage years I have gained and lost. I have found that I am a stress eater & I love my chocolate.   I tell people that if I could figure out which tooth was my sweet tooth I would have it pulled.  But, since I can’t figure it out I best not start having teeth pulled out!

In 2010, I remarried and shortly thereafter the big M (menopause) set in.  Well Well  Well, the weight gain started!!  Tried and Tried to  lose the weight by trying different diets.  Then, in June 2014, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare cancer.  In December 2014, she passed away leaving behind 4 children.  So needless to say the stress was through the roof due to her illness, being her care taker and caring for her children as well as my aging mother. All the while trying to take care of my household, husband and myself (which I was last on the list).

Finally, in October 2015, I saw an advertisement for Total Body and decided to give it a try.  My determination for better health and to feel better about myself I made that call.  With the help of Dr. Watkins and his staff Summer, Veronica & Melinda, it has been possible to lose the weight.  Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging.  Going in each week to weigh in makes me accountable for what I did or didn’t do correct the week before with my eating.  If I slipped, no one made me feel like I failed.  I was given ideas to get back on track and told “don’t stress it”.  I started losing inches first then the weight started coming off.  It has been a slow process, but that is ok.  I feel that is a much healthier way and has given me time to make life time changes on eating the correct way.  I am sure I will still have those weak moments but I know what to do to get back on track. Still have a few more pounds  I want to lose but, if I don’t it’s ok.  Now it is time to hit the gym!!