Hit The Pool with Confidence This Summer with our Weight Loss Programs

Are you ready for the summer? The sunny season is almost here. Numerous people are getting ready for their summer getaways, and most probably, you too. When seasonal outfits demand for less fabric, it may mean you need to expose that body as well. If up to now you still look at the mirror and see unappealing stubborn flabs; if you still haven’t achieved your ideal weight despite of your efforts; now is the time to get help from the professional. Total Body Atlanta offers weight loss programs for you to achieve the body you desire!


Total Body Atlanta Weight Loss Programs


H3: $69/Month Program


If your aim is to maintain your current weight, this program is perfect for you! Once you reached your ideal weight, this weight loss method will help you retain your body with additional weekly fat burning Lipovite injections. Within a month, patients may expect the following services included in this program:


$99/Month Program


This weight loss program is for patients who try to lose weight using their own methods but don’t see the results they expect. With this approach, shedding weight will be easier that includes strategies assuring a satisfying outcome. Below is the complete list of what to expect during this weight loss scheme:



$275/Month HCG Program


The HCG program is a unique approach to weight loss, carefully designed to help patients achieve their ideal body within a particular span of time. Patients under this short term weight loss system may expect to have a thinner body and a reduced weight. If your desire is to achieve your ideal weight this drawing summer, this program is the best pick! It is the most appropriate technique to begin with your goal of shedding weight. Below is the complete list of regimens included in this program:



Separate Items


Lipovite and Superlipovite can be purchased separately or al la carte style.



What is Lipovite?


Lipovite is a cutting-edge technology that help patients achieve a healthy weight and prevent the rebound weight gain. It is a medication in the form of injections, which burns body fat. As enzyme/amino acid/vitamin injections, Lipovite raises your metabolic rate and improves the function of the liver so that it does not accumulate fat. Lipovite also includes Choline for improved liver function, Inositol to help the body metabolize fats and reduce appetite, amino acid Methionine to prevent fat cells from accumulating, and Vitamin B6 and B Complex to assist the body in excreting fat and excess water. Each Lipovite dosage consists of vitamins that can give more energy.


What is HCG?


HCG means Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone similar to the human body, which can help patients lose weight permanently. HCG signals the body to use stored fat stored fat and eliminate excess fat reserves. Meaning, it prevents the body reach the starvation stage when there’s enough body fat for energy use. This starvation stage usually leads to unnecessary food cravings. HCG also increases the body’s energy, and boosts positive mood. Total Body Atlanta’s HCG weight loss program comes with a meal plan that aim to lower the caloric intake. It is an efficient approach for people who exert effort to lose weight, but are unsuccessful towards reaching their goals.


Achieve a healthy weight and body, schedule a consultation


Know the best program for you. Experts at Total Body Atlanta will be glad to walk you through each type of weight loss program to help you choose. Achieve your dream body this summer, schedule a consultation!