Below are the approved lenders we use at Total Body Atlanta. Please choose to apply for a lender in which you would meet the minimum criteria for approval. Feel free to wait and apply in office during your consultation!

Care Credit

United Medical Credit

This lender works with applicants with bad or no credit to excellent credit (550-750+) with a high approval rate. There are 12 lenders under this main lender and which lender approves you is dependent on your credit. No Deposit required.  (APR% & fees vary)


This lender works with credit scores of 620+ with a high approval rate. Deposit not required (APR & fees vary)


In House Financing

We offer in house financing which is like a layaway program. Once you get your quote that price is good for 30 days, If you choose this option you must pay 50% within 30 days and then the remainder of your balance no more than 10 days prior to your booked procedure date which can be booked as far out as you like.


You always have the option of paying cash for your procedure whether that is money you have already or you get a loan through an outside source as long as its cash you get a BIG discount! Cash price quote will be given during your consult!